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should set your laminator to the cold setting

If your laminator does not have the different thicknesses of laminating pouches on the temperature dial then you many need to reference the user's manual to find out the correct temperature setting. Insert your document between the two flaps of the laminating pouch so that the borders are even on all sides. 6. This article is designed to provide you with a simple, step by step guide to using your pouch laminator. If you have more documents to laminate you can repeat steps 3-7 for the remaining items. Following these eight steps, you should be able to laminate all sorts of documents using your pouch laminator.

The laminated item will automatically exit the rear of the pouch laminator. The thicker the pouch, the more heat that will be required. It is important the China Gusset Bags Manufacturers pouch is inserted sealed edge first into the laminator to ensure that there are no air bubbles left in the laminate.After you open the carrier, you need to inspect the laminated document. By allowing the cool down period, you will help to prolong the life of your laminator. After the pouch has stopped moving, place the carrier on a flat surface to cool before opening it. Try laminating documents for yourself and see just how easy it is. Insert the laminating pouch with the sealed-edge first into the paper carrier that is included with each carton of pouches.

Select the appropriate heat setting for the pouches that you intend to use with your documents. Position the sealed edge of the pouch against the inside folded edge of the carrier. It is important to ensure that the material is centered in the laminating pouch so that the finished document does not require trimming. If it is hazy, the temperature may need to be increased or the speed may need to be decreased if your laminator has a speed setting. Your laminator should have settings for China Packaging Film Manufacturers different pouch thicknesses. If you are careful when handling the carrier you should be able to reuse it 50-100 times before it needs to be replaced. 3. Make sure that the temperature is set to the correct setting and then allow the machine to heat up until the ready indicator light comes on.

Doing hot lamination using a pouch laminator is really quite simple. Make sure that your pouch laminator is plugged in and turned. 4. Make sure that the switch is turned to the on position and allow the machine to begin to heat up. 2. When you have completed your laminating, you should set your laminator to the cold setting and allow it to cool down. There is usually an on/off switch located on the back of the machine. However, if you have never used a pouch laminator before, it can be a little bit intimidating. Insert the carrier and its contents straight into the laminating machine, leading with the folded edge. Once the laminator has cooled down you can go ahead and turn it off. If the laminated document looks wavy, the temperature of the laminator may need to decreased or the speed increased.

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